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Incremental Yet Impactful Actions

For as long as I can remember, caring about the external environment has always been something I cared about. But I always found it confusing and there was complete pressure to do it “right” or “perfectly” for fear of judgement from other environmentalists and advocates. 

The thing is, is that collectively as a whole we can have more impact if we (i.e. individuals, businesses, large corporations and government) all just did our part imperfectly. Because guess what, it’s impossible to be ZERO WASTE. 

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To be quite frank, I hate that term — “zero waste” because striving for perfection is well.. unhealthy.

From personal experience, I can tell you right now that I’ve ebbed and flowed in my diet from vegetarian to attempting veganism, pescatarian, reduced meat and back. The point is that things change, life circumstances happen and nothing ever stays the same.

I believe that it’s important to audit and evaluate where you are now and find the best way to reduce your environmental impact in a way that complements your event, your business and your lifestyle rather than disrupting it.

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I’m not going to tell you to give up your daily Starbucks if it’s just going to lead to you feeling discouraged every time you don’t meet your goal. Nor am I going to tell you to have an all-vegan menu just because eating meat has a larger carbon footprint.

There’s always a middle ground somewhere or another aspect of your event, business or day-to-day that is easier to incorporate. And that’s where I want to meet you. I don’t want to compromise your goals for the sake of environmental sustainability, in fact I want the eco-friendly alternative to support if not help you surpass your targets!

I believe that it’s the incremental, yet impactful actions that will inspire you to continue to push the needle forward. To continue to strive for better day after day and year after year. And the philosophy that I’ve built the Eco-Friendly Events brand around.


You’re probably wondering, Romina — how do you do this with your clients? And what exactly does it look like?

After our initial meeting and establishing what your event or brand eco-values look like. I will brainstorm and develop some creative solutions that you can implement to reduce your impact in a variety of ways that WORK FOR YOU. For example, during the Sustainability Mastermind monthly theme of energy use and electricity, Untitled by Flaunt Boutique (a local hair salon in Toronto) implemented a no-dry or low-dry service for their clientele to reduce blow-drying and ultimately their electricity consumption and hydro bills. Because c’mon, when was the last time you even thought about maybe NOT blow drying your hair at a salon? 

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It’s the conscious decision making and putting it on the minds of their staff and clientele to double think and question the “norm.” 

Let’s face it, it would be impossible for Untitled to completely stop blow drying or straightening hair, they are after all a hair salon. But it’s the reduction and offering choices that makes all the difference.

And that’s exactly the kind of work and difference that I want to make and what Eco-Friendly Events is here to do. 

Interested in how we can work together? Book a FREE clarity call with me and let’s chat through the types of concerns you may have and how we can find creative solutions that work for you! 

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