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Our Services

Supporting Your Sustainability Goals

• Strategy Sessions
• Green Event Planning, Audit & Evaluation
• Green Business Standards & Operations

• Full Service Event Production
• Partial Event Coordination
• Supplier Procurement & Coordination with Waste Management Services

• Seasonal Sustainability Mastermind
• Workshops & Speaking Engagements
• Brand Collaborations

Customer Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

I really enjoyed my experience learning from Romina of Eco-Friendly Events! She is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter, who provided a ton of amazing information about how to incorporate more eco-friendliness into any gathering. It was inspiring to learn about ways to mitigate our impact on the environment in ways big and small. I left feeling motivated to have a greener holiday season and beyond! If you’re interested in learning ways to reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet, I highly recommend working with Romina.

Headshot of Stephanie Pellett from hips up, smiling with a patterned pick t-shirt with hands in her pocket
Stephanie Pellett
Eco-Friendly Events Workshop Attendee