Event strategy + environmental expertise

The best of both worlds for the betterment of our planet

Based in Toronto, we help you plan corporate events with a sustainability lens.

Change starts with incremental action

Improving sustainability for your event or workplace is like adding layers to a cake. Each small act of progress contributes to something great.

We blend our event planning and environmental expertise to turn big-picture questions into a manageable mission. This way, you can make a meaningful difference for the good of our Earth.

I’m Romina Kwong (she/her), and sometimes I forget my reusable cup

Founder | Lead Sustainability Consultant | Event Strategist

I’m still on a mission to lower my environmental impact while helping you do the same. 

I’ve had a deep passion for the environment since I was a kid, but I didn’t always know how to channel that passion.  

After getting my degree in Environmental Studies, I found most opportunities were in research, but I wanted to do something more actionable. 

After a wedding planning phase (cue: The Wedding Planner featuring Jennifer Lopez), I realized the wedding world wasn’t for me—but I was hooked on events.

When I first got into event management, I was shocked by how much waste the industry involved.

That’s when it all clicked. 

There was a clear disconnect between events and environmental sustainability, and I wanted to do something about it. 

Now, with a diploma in Special Event Management and over 12 years in hospitality, I offer event expertise with an environmental lens, and vice versa. 

The two must go hand-in-hand.

2022 climate leader making a difference in the Women4Climate Toronto program

Co-Creator and Instructor, Foundations of Sustainability In Event Management Course

Doing good is in the details

There are a lot of scary stats out there about the environmental impact of big events and corporate functions. 

But taking action on environmental sustainability isn’t all doom and gloom. 

It’s about finding the little changes we can make today and gradually building on them each year. We all share that responsibility.

How we can help you take authentic action

Two asian woman sitting side by side on their laptops

Strategize and plan Earth-friendly events

Whether you want us to take the reins on planning or coordinate with your event team, we know all the ropes for a successful gathering.

Shot behind a blonde woman at her desk talking to people on a video call

Educate and inspire your team

Rally your workplace around the cause of our lifetime and invite them to get involved. Our interactive workshops empower everyone with knowledge on the topics that matter most to you.

At our core

It’s about way more than bottom line

Intersectional Environmentalism

There’s no environmental justice without social justice. We’re committed to supporting environmentally vulnerable communities, which includes Black Brown Indigenous Melanated people (BBIMP), as coined by According to Weeze.

  • We partner with businesses and vendors owned and run by BBIMP and recommend those businesses to our clients
  • We amplify BBIMP voices by sharing their work and giving them speaking opportunities at events we’re involved with
  • We continue to educate ourselves so we can learn and unlearn
  • We share free social justice resources


By prioritizing equity and justice, we’re committed to making tools, education, and resources accessible to all. Accessibility means everyone (regardless of disabilities or a lack of resources) can easily obtain, use, understand, or appreciate information, support, and spaces (digital or physical).

  • We curate free eco-resources and provide education on our social platforms
  • We offer a sliding scale pricing model for marginalized communities
  • We constantly update and improve our digital accessibility following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (e.g. ALT text, header size, website testing, and accessible language). That said, we’re just getting started and always trying to learn. If you have suggestions or need assistance, please reach out to romina@ecofrinedlyevents.ca. We welcome and love your feedback!


We’re not perfect. No one is. Instead, it’s vital for us to clearly share our progress along the way. Transparency and specificity are also part of our mission to counteract inauthentic greenwashing.

  • We publicly share our goals and the actions we’re taking to meet those targets
  • We own up to our mistakes and learn from them so we can figure out how to improve in the future
  • We define what our environmental actions mean instead of using vague terms
  • We clearly tell you if we’re an affiliate if we’re doing a sale pitch
  • We ensure two-way communication between all stakeholders

“Romina has an incredible ability to manage small, logistical details while keeping her eye firmly on the bigger picture when producing events.”

“I have complete confidence in Romina’s ability to oversee the logistics of an event, both on the day and in the lead-up to the event, ensuring it runs smoothly and seamlessly for all parties involved. She has a calm demeanour in a crisis and is a quick thinker when it comes to solutions.”

— Alison Fryer, Committee Member | Canada’s Table: A Celebration of Our Cookbooks Festival

“Romina knows how to ask the right questions and

pull together something very executable for us.”

“She has this incredible body of knowledge. But what was especially great was Romina’s ability to truly listen to our needs and limitations and create something that could fit our group.  Her ability to synthesize the subject matter into something digestible and useful to the audience is just fantastic.”

— Tamara Oliver, Former Lindt Retail Divisions Operations

Make the big picture manageable

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