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Founder, Eco-Friendly Events

Hi, I'm Romina!

I'm a sustainability consultant, environmental expert and advocate. I help discouraged, overwhelmed event organizers and entrepreneurs to proactively include eco-friendly standards into their events and businesses, so that their practices are both beneficial to their community AND for the planet.

With over 12 years of experience in the hospitality industry and a degree in Environmental Studies, I bring an impressive skill set to the table for my clients, spanning from hands-on experience, creative strategies to resolve supply chain management concerns or even while vetting event vendors.

Featured on the Collective Wealth Podcast as well as Regional Lead and Speaker at the 2021 Cascadia Wedding Show, my signature holistic approach speaks for itself. My clients love working with me because of my passion, thorough thought process and unshakeable commitment to helping entrepreneurs find the best suited solutions to minimize the impact of their business.

Some Fun Facts About Me:


What We do + Why We do it

Our Founder Romina always knew that after her degree at McGill, she wanted to work in the "environmental field." She just never knew how or what exactly. But shortly after completing the Event Management program at George Brown College, she fell into the world of festivals and realized just how much TRASH was leftover after a weekend hurrah. And it was both horrendous and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Although there were some attempts at combating this problem, it always seemed to fall through the cracks because a lack of knowledge or womanpower or resources. This is when it clicked! Starting Eco-Friendly Events could fill this niche and combine both passions together. 

Now, we collaborate with event planners and other industry partners in developing, executing and evaluating an event sustainability plan to create eco-friendlier events.

BUT 2020 sort of made the events industry hit a snag. And now, we are supporting values-based entrepreneurs in navigating their way into becoming greener businesses!

We do all of this because

a) We care about the environment (duh!)

b) We know there's an incredible amount of conflicting and confusing information out there and

c) We want there to be a planet so that you can continue to do what you love and share your gifts with the world.

Remember, if there's no planet, there's no business nor profit.


Incremental yet, Impactful

Becoming eco-friendlier does not mean it has to be all or nothing.

It could mean a minimum of one change in your business or event that yields huge positive results. When it comes to implementing green initiatives, we always believe in integrating incremental yet impactful actions. It is always better to do something than nothing at all.

We believe in teaching you, inspiring you and empowering you to make positive, long-term habits to help our fight against climate change.