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Sustainability workshops to inspire employees and team members.

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Let’s talk about environmental sustainability at work

Do you work for an organization that’s “going green?” While you have goals and operational measures, maybe you and your colleagues need some help being more eco-friendly as individuals.

  • Maybe mandates are happening. Perhaps you’re switching to compostable packaging, going zero waste, or reducing food and electronic waste.

  • But…employees still purchase daily to-go coffees, or they only have single-use plastic cups for retirement parties. Maybe you’re still constantly upgrading electronic devices or your trash sorting system is a bit of a nightmare.


Don’t stress. This is all super common. The good news is you can spark action.

Going green starts from the ground up—at the employee level. You need to get your team on board to support your company’s greater goals.

Bridge the gap over lunch with sustainability workshops

We’ll explore an environmental cause that’s important to your business in a way that’s fun and accessible for your team.

Once your employees understand how the collective actions of each individual can impact sustainability goals, they’re more likely to participate and ultimately support the company in achieving its targets.

“Romina’s way of guiding helped me become more aware without bringing shame or embarrassment into the equation.”

“As a salon, we’re not an environmentally friendly industry, but one of our values is sustainability. We joined Romina’s workshop to see how we could add small ways to our daily work to elevate our sustainability piece a little bit.

She helped us find the easy things we could do and generated ideas which were really valuable. It was interesting to see the impact we could have by changing the behaviours of our 30 people. If you’re looking for long-term change, Romina has the resilience and dedication to be your partner in it.”

— Georgia Reynolds, Training and Development Lead, Untitled Salon

Sustainability workshop topics

Environmental sustainability means something different to each company. We’ll shoot for attainable progress by clarifying your eco-values. 

  • Food loss and waste
  • Recycling, single-use plastic, and packaging
  • Eco-friendly event planning, which can be broken down further (e.g. venue sustainability)
  • Electronics, office supplies, and furniture, or “A Zero Waste Office”
  • Other sustainability topics*

*Based on your organization’s goals and values. Custom workshops can be made available upon request.

How it works

Turn big ideas into collective action

For the best results, we recommend our 2-workshop series.

One-off workshops are also available upon request.

Total Estimated Timeline: 7 Weeks

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1. Goals and topic selection

We start with a 30-minute video call to discuss your company’s overarching sustainability goals. This allows us to choose the most suitable topic. We’ll have a second 30-minute call to discuss how we can personalize the workshop to your organization’s needs.

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2. Imp(act) Workbook

Two weeks before your first workshop, participants will receive an Imp(act) Workbook. This gives them an introduction to the topic, activities to evaluate their understanding, and a quick exercise in preparation for the live class.

3. First workshop

At the beginning of this 90-minute workshop, we will review the content from the first Imp(act) Workbook. We’ll then dive into the topic of choice with personalized examples and solutions tailored to your company. After a quick break, participants will receive the second accompanying Imp(act) Workbook. Finally, we’ll brainstorm experimental actions for the next four weeks.

4. Second workshop

Four weeks later, you’ll have your second workshop. The first portion will be dedicated to collective sharing as all participants describe their experiences over the last four weeks. What actions worked? What experiments didn’t? Why? We’ll then have a lesson on applying the concepts in future scenarios. The goal is to ensure your team keeps taking action as time passes.

Workshop pricing

Each workshop series includes

  • 2 x 30-minute consultations to identify your goals and personalize the topic to your company
  • 3 Imp(act) Workbooks to help you and your team take action and make lasting changes, at work and home
  • 1 x 90-minute workshop to educate your team and motivate them to take experimental action
  • 1 x 60-minute workshop to explore your actions and make a plan for moving forward
  • Ongoing email support for any questions that come up

Starting at $3,200 + HST

One-off workshops are also available. Please inquire.

How Lindt addressed food loss and waste


For Lindt, we decided to focus on food loss and waste because their overarching goal is to reduce food loss in the supply chain. They wanted employees to recognize the importance of their collective action.


Participants shared takeaways from their first Imp(act) Workbook, reflecting on their own struggles with food waste at home and the office. We then taught them proactive solutions to reduce food waste. After a small break, we came together as a group to brainstorm actions for the next four weeks.


A month later, participants collectively shared how they could see vast improvements in the amount of food waste. Although not all the experiments were successful, we brainstormed adjustments and new actions to try. We concluded these sessions with ways to continue applying these actions in the future.

“It became more than an idea. It was something executable.”

“Even putting aside Romina’s incredible body of knowledge, one of the most important things she brought was her ability to listen to our needs, abilities, and limitations. Then she created something that fit our group perfectly. It became more than an idea. It was something executable.”

– Tamara Oliver | Former Lindt Retail Divisions Operations

Questions are always welcome

Yes, I’m available for keynote speaking, hosting, and acting as a panelist! Speaking engagements are better for stages at events or for when you want to inspire your team/audience, without getting into the details of your plan. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Yes, if a series is not possible for you, we can arrange a one-off workshop.

Although one-time workshops can offer valuable information for your team, they lack the accountability for individuals to take action. Having multiple check-ins and built-in reflection helps keep your team involved. After all, progress starts with your people. 

Yes! If the above examples don’t fit your organization, we’ll explore custom topics during your consultation calls. Book a free intro call to get started.

There’s minimal time commitment outside of the workshops because most of the effort comes from making swaps in actions you already take. Time varies, but team members can expect to spend roughly 30 minutes per week outside of the sessions. This includes time to set goals in the Imp(act) Workbooks and to put their new goals into action.

There’s no shame in sustainability. The fact that you’re starting and considering a workshop is amazing. We can’t make progress without taking the first step! We’ll never judge you or your efforts, and we welcome any and all wherever you’re at.

“Tangible ways to improve and think about my actions on a micro level.”

“The sustainability mastermind was a great way to engage my interest in being more eco-conscious and mindful about my habits. Each month we tackled a new topic and really dove into how we can make changes in our daily lives that connect us with our values and goals. It gives me tangible ways to improve and think about my actions on a micro level.”

— Emily Maclellan, Mac Rose Design Co

“I really enjoyed Romina’s workshop on greening your business through Make Lemonade. The process she walked us through was very eye-opening and super helpful to my sustainable journey. I look forward to learning more from her.”

— Catherine, Founder of Pengram Studio

“Feeling motivated to have a greener holiday season and beyond”

“I really enjoyed my experience learning from Romina of Eco-Friendly Events! She is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter, who provided a ton of amazing information about how to incorporate more eco-friendliness into any gathering. It was inspiring to learn about ways to mitigate our impact on the environment in ways big and small. I left feeling motivated to have a greener holiday season and beyond! If you’re interested in learning ways to reduce your carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet, I highly recommend working with Romina.”

— Stephanie Pellett, Business Coach | Eco-Friendly Events Workshop Attendee

Let’s make your big ideas executable

Book a free call to explore how we can elevate your company’s environmental sustainability.