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You know you have to start now because...

You taste success each morning when you make your coffee but feel like an hypocrite for buying your afternoon one

You see other people on Instagram living their best ‘zero-waste’ life, while you’re still ordering take-out every week

You just heard that 80% of recyclables are not actually recycled and you're feeling completely defeated

Tell me the truth, does this sound like you?

Since watching Patagonia’s latest video and witnessing the surge of buying local this past holiday season, you’ve become incredibly inspired to live even more eco-friendly this coming year.

In fact, you’ve found and researched some vegan, sustainable and locally made brands to support and buy from.

But then you realize, not only is it more expensive to change over all the items in your house BUT it also requires much more dedication and work… how can you possibly be greener without disrupting your entire lifestyle and daily business operations?!

Sure you want to do better, but you’re already sorting your garbage and recycling, using your own produce bags and even choosing no-utensils for your Uber Eats order. Isn’t that enough?

What past participants have to say

I learned a lot about food waste and energy waste that I didn't understand beforehand!! It's a great mastermind for businesses wanting to transition to earth friendly low waste alternatives.

how does it work


Values-based entrepreneurs who want to improve their lifelong sustainability habits


The next cohort will run from May 2021 - August 2021


An intimate group mastermind to help you get clear on your personal sustainability values, to learn ways to implement,The maintain and evaluate new habits


This mastermind was created from the feedback of service-based entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how they could be more eco-friendly and thereby transition their businesses into greener ones!


Monthly virtual group calls through Google Meet


Under the monthly umbrella theme, you will take a look at what's in your bins, what's happening in your life, what you want to change. I will support you with ideas, resources and accountability.

why the heck should I work with you?

My name is Romina and am the Founder of Eco-Friendly Events. While transitioning into an eco-friendlier lifestyle, I know what it’s like to Google “eco-friendly ___” and have a million and one suggestions. One source says this is better and another says the complete opposite. Not only is it overwhelming and exhausting, it feels impossible to decide. 

After numerous years of doing the research and realizing that, hey wait a minute – each individual has a unique sustainability journey? I take the knowledge I’ve learned from my B.A. in Environmental Studies coupled with learning about your personal values and support you in finding the the best suited solutions that aligns best with your business and lifestyle.

What past participants have to say

The sustainability mastermind was a great way to engage in my interest in being more eco-conscious and mindful about my habits. Each month we tackled a new topic and really dove into how we can make changes in our daily lives that connect us with our values and goals. It gave me tangible ways to improve and think about my actions on a micro level.

So what Do You get from this program?


Not only will you be accountable to me and the group, you will also be assigned a monthly accountability buddy!

Curated Resource Library

Access to a private, curated list of apps, articles and other tools to help you develop your lifelong habits

Customized Workbook

Each month you'll get a customized workbook to help you reflect, audit, set goals and track your progress

Exclusive Newsletter

Private monthly newsletter with curated resources and some inspiration

Hot Seat Coaching Calls

Another monthly call to tackle your struggles with the current monthly theme!

Guest Speakers & Other Bonuses

Whether it's an expert guest speaker, live discussion on Instagram and other sneaky surprises

After you click I'M READY TO JOIN:

  1. You will be directed to the payment page
  2. After payment is received, it will be confirmed both on the page and through email
  3. Within 2-business days, you will receive an email with a link for a short questionnaire
  4. One week prior to the first call, you will receive additional information including the link to our first call, the custom workbook and link to resources

What does it cost?

The Sustainability Mastermind includes:

$155(for the whole session)
  • One monthly 90-minute call to learn, audit and begin tracking your actions
  • One monthly 90-minute "Hot-Seat Coaching" Call tackle your struggles and set goals
  • Customized Monthly Workbook
  • Private monthly newsletter with curated resources and some inspiration
  • Access to a private, curated list of apps, articles and other tools to help you develop your lifelong habits
  • Guest Speakers and other bonuses


Q: I'm not a business owner, can I still join?

It's not ideal, but let's chat and figure out whether or not you would be a good fit for the program. Email me directly at romina@ecofriendlyevents.ca

Q: Do I need to commit to the full three months?

Yes you must commit to the entire months. The goal of the Sustainability Mastermind is to develop a minimum of three lifelong habits and it's much more difficult to do that in less time.

Q: I'm not eco-friendly AT ALL, is this still for me? I'm scared you will judge me.

Absolutely The Sustainability Mastermind is still for you! Come as you are because this is a safe space. We will meet always meet you at YOUR starting point and help you make improvements from there!

Q: I'm not in Toronto, can I still join?

Yes! The Sustainability Mastermind is held online, so all are welcome regardless of where you live. Keep in mind that the calls will be during business hours in the Eastern Time Zone.

Q: What happens during our monthly calls?

We will go over the previous month's goals, reflect on what we can continue to do moving forward, and evaluate how well we did.

Next, the new monthly theme will be introduced and discussed. As a group, we will brainstorm ideas on what we can change in our lives. Then spend some time setting up our new goals!

The first ever call will have a slightly different format than the rest as we will have a bit of an introduction first.

Q: What are these hot seat "pick your trash" calls?

Each month will also have hot seat calls called "pick your trash" where you will have the opportunity to hop on and get some help. You will have allotted time to pick my brain as well as the group to ask for help with whatever it is you're struggling with. Maybe you need a new tool, new mindset, or resource.

Q: I'd like to transition my entire business to be more green, can you do this?

Unfortunately we are focused on lifestyle changes rather than the entire business for this program. That being said, I can absolutely support you with transitioning your business into a greener one  through the Eco-Standards package here. 

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