Intersectional Environmentalism

There is no environmental justice without social justice. We focus on supporting environmentally vulnerable communities by partnering with and recommending vendors and suppliers of Black Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) to our clients. Outside of our work, we actively continue to educate ourselves and consciously work on being anti-racist.

We donate our time, money and efforts to organizations in support of local BIPOC communities. For more information, please email us!

Below is a curated list of climate and social justice resources that will support you in your learning of being an inclusive Environmentalist and Advocate.

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📱 Follow this account for accessibility tips for your social media and website

📝  Jenny Jay’s Creating Inclusive Content Workshop

📚  Join Weeze’s Social Justice Bookclub

🎓 Enroll in this training about conflict de-escalation and how to stop anti-Asian/American and xenophobic harassment

📖  Read this Story: We Need to Address the Racism in Climate Activism

🔎  Check out this Report: Environmental Racism in Canada

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📱 See this post by @Queerbrownvegan on Rainbow Washing

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📰 Read this article on the Model Minority Myth

📚 Read this book, Asian American Dreams – The Emergence of an American People

📺  Watch this 3-Minute Video: Environmental Justice Explained

📺  Watch this TED Talk on Struggles for Environmental Justice in Mi’kmaq & African Nova Scotian Communities

📺 Watch this replay of Indigenous Agroecology: Cultivating relationships between people & plants

📝  This funny skit from Baroness von Sketch Show on Land Acknowledgements

🖋  Sign this petition to tell Canada’s Leaders to Redress Environmental Racism

✍🏾  Take the Intersectional Environmentalist Pledge and check our their extensive list of resources

💌  Email or write a letter to your local restaurant about reusable containers using this template from the Zero Waste Toronto Facebook Group