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The first step in improving environmental sustainability? Know your options.

Information overwhelm often stops organizations from addressing their event’s sustainability. There’s no wonder—the options and logistics can be super confusing. Maybe you’re not sure what’s even possible.

  • Which practices should you prioritize financially?

  • Which actions align best with your values?

  • Is it worth it if you can’t “do it all”? 

Our event consulting services turn the massive topic of environmental sustainability into an actionable plan that works for your organization’s specific needs.

“Romina identified what we could do within the realms of what we had access to.”

“There’s not this bold standard. She meets people where they’re at and helps them determine the next best step to make their program or event more sustainable. It felt very accessible and understanding of our budget, resources, and time limitations.

Plus, it amplified the narrative of us doing good work.”

— Lee-Anne Bigwood, Program Manager, StopGap Foundation | Ramp Up 2019

Take authentic action

Improve environmental sustainability where it matters most for your business.

Event Strategy and Management

Allow us to handle everything from designing your event’s vision to executing logistics. We also collaborate with external event professionals.

Waste Management

Minimize waste in the first place while ensuring garbage, recycling, and compost are properly managed.

Venue Sourcing and Management

Identify the most eco-friendly venue that suits your needs, or measure the impact of your former event venues

Menu and Catering

Find the best caterer for your sustainability goals and minimize the environmental impact of your menu choices.


Eco-friendly events don’t have to be all brown and green! Allow us to plan, source, and assemble on-brand decor with minimal environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint Measurement

Measure your past events’ carbon footprint, predict the impact of an upcoming one, and identify ways to reduce it.

Get Blue Certified

Prove your commitment to reducing single-use plastics with this official verification. As a Blue Verified organization, you also gain access to a variety of business benefits.

Consulting packages

Tailored support whether you need a couple of ideas or all hands on deck

We’ll help you decide on a level based on your budget, resources, and goals.

Level 1 – Eco Brainstorm Session

CAD $450 + HST

This is a 60-minute meeting to discuss your needs and identify at least one green initiative you can implement.

This option is best if you have a smaller budget and want to brainstorm possibilities, then nail down your first point of action. It’s also great for building on past progress!

  • 60-minute virtual consulting call
  • Walk away with at least one initiative you can implement
  • Written summary of our meeting including questions to ask vendors while evaluating their sustainability efforts

Level 2 – Event Sustainability Roadmap

Starting at CAD $1,000 + HST

Get a complete event sustainability strategy plus a work-back schedule so you can implement it with ease.

This is best for you if you want to nail down all the ways you can take action on sustainability and you have a team that can make it happen.

  • Virtual consulting call with your full event planning team to identify your priorities and sustainability goals
  • Summary report with detailed recommendations
  • A workback schedule for your team to follow
  • Follow-up meeting to debrief the implementation of green initiatives at your event

Level 3 – In-House Eco Support

Based on project scope, contact us for pricing

Get our hands-on expertise the whole way through. We’ll handle everything from strategy and training to producing and planning your event to executing on-site.

This in-depth level of support is for you if you want an event sustainability expert to act as part of your internal team for a minimum of 3 months.

  • Participation in relevant team meetings and communications
  • Ability to act as your point event planner OR coordinate with your event planning team 
  • Pre-event team and volunteer training about event sustainability
  • On-site Event Sustainability Lead on the day of your event
  • Custom reporting according to sustainability goals, including carbon footprint calculations and energy audits
  • Follow-up meeting to debrief the implementation of green initiatives at your event as well as the reports

What to expect

Know your options.

Set Priorities.

Make it happen.

  1. Discovery call: We’ll hop on a video call to chat about your needs and make sure we’re a good match.
  2. Proposal: You’ll receive a proposal with our suggested consulting services, timelines, and investment. 
  3. Identify Priorities: When our work starts, we’ll meet you wherever you’re at to identify your most worthwhile options.
  4. Execute: You’ll receive clear steps to make your event more eco-friendly. High five!

“It has made our decision-making process so much easier and helps us demonstrate to our clients the work we’re doing to make their events and activities kinder to the planet.”

“I was working on shifting Lovedey to more sustainable experiential production but felt overwhelmed with where to start. Romina spent time asking lots of questions and getting to know my business and my concerns. She shared really helpful information and suggested we create a sustainability guide to anchor Lovedey’s production process moving forward. My favourite part of the guide Romina prepared for us is the concrete examples she included, as well as the vetting questions, complete with a point system. It has made our decision-making process so much easier and helps us demonstrate to our clients the work we’re doing to make their events and activities kinder to the planet.”

Lovedey Logo— Hannah O'Donovan, Founder, Lovedey

Questions are always welcome

Absolutely, we love to! If you’re an event planner (or you’ve hired one), you know your events best. We can act as the environmental expert, providing sustainability guidance and collaborating with you in the best way for your needs. 

Yes! If you’ve run your event in the past, we’ll collect the necessary data and identify ways you can lower your footprint going forward. If you haven’t run your event yet, we’ll take a look at your projected impact and find ways we can adjust your plan.

Heck no. Not if we have anything to do about it. Greenwashing and vague sustainability claims drive us bananas because they do more harm than good. We have zero patience for that. We choose every strategy and action step because it has a real, incremental impact. We’ll also help you clearly define your actions so you, your team, and your attendees understand how it’s actually benefiting the environment.

Our clients have ranged from grassroots arts organizations and social justice organizations to global product-based companies. The important thing is we share social values and you want to reduce your environmental impact because it’s the right thing to do—all while producing a fantastic event.

The key factors are your budget and your team’s capacity. We’ve designed each consulting package to give you actionable steps that limit your environmental impact. If you have a smaller budget and a team that can implement, an Eco Brainstorm Session or Event Sustainability Roadmap may be best. 

If you have more budget and you want someone to take hands-on control, In-House Eco Support is usually the way to go. Book a discovery call and we’ll help you determine which is best for you.

That’s what we’re here for! We’ll guide you through questions to identify your goals and the best plan of action

Make the big picture manageable

Book a free call to explore how we can elevate your sustainability goals.