Why does Environmental Sustainability Matter in your Business?

There’s no blame or shame if you’re a successful entrepreneur and you have yet to think about being an eco-friendlier one.

I get it – you’ve got that never-ending to-do list, you’ve attempted a million and one free challenges (without actual completion – don’t worry, I’m guilty of this too!) and signed up for numerous courses with lifetime access that… let’s be honest – you haven’t even opened up once.

So, Romina – why the heck should I be thinking about sustainability right now? And WHY when we’re still very much in the middle of the pandemic?!

Here are 3 Reasons why environmental sustainability matters for your business and why you should take action right now!

1. Improve Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility

The trend to live more sustainably is on the rise, and that means purchasing from businesses that are doing their part for the environmental cause. Consumers want to know where their money is going, what it’s supporting, and they are demanding full transparency.

In fact, Canadians are increasingly looking for green products and services, and many are even willing to pay more for them (SCA, 2014). The catch is, many Canadian consumers are looking for third-party certifications or will conduct their own research on businesses to verify sustainability claims.

It’s clear that buying from brands (big or small) that complement their sustainability values is important, and on the rise. As a solopreneur, if you’re not hopping onboard the sustainability train, you will get left behind.

To learn more about how Eco-Friendly Events can support you and your business on your sustainability journey, check out our Eco-Standards package. I will guide you in making your business greener, one step at a time and show you how to be 100% transparent about it with your customers.

2. Increase your bottom line

There’s this notion and thought that investing in eco-friendlier measures will cost you more money. And the answer is, yes it can be but NOT always. When you are purchasing something brand new that is made locally in Canada with renewable materials, yes this will cost more. For example, locally made trousers made of Lyocell.

On the other hand, if you think about a hotel requesting their guests to hang up their towels to dry and to forgo daily sheet changes. This can remove approximately 25% annual energy costs from hotel operations! (Martin & Dent, 2019).

Not only is it easy for guests and hotels to feel good about doing their part, but it’s actually saving money in their daily operations!

You no longer have to choose either making profit or saving the environment, we can do both!

Curious about how you can do both in your own business? Book a FREE Clarity Call with me and let’s chat!

3. Continue to inspire and effect change

 You started your business for a reason.

  • Was it to become your own boss?

  • Was it to have a flexible work schedule?

  • Was it so that you could bridge a gap you saw in the industry?

  • Was it to effect the changes you wanted to see?

  • Was it to become a leader in your niche?

I’m sure it was some sort of combination of all the above. You want to do things differently because you’re purpose driven. You simultaneously care about your community and your bottom line. You are the Ikea, Cheekbone Beauty or Patagonia of your industry.

It’s important to find a way to do what you love while simultaneously being conscious of the environment. You will be able to encourage other companies in your industry to do the same so that we can all work towards a common goal (combat climate change). You will continue to be looked upon as the leader and go-to brand and I mean, who doesn’t want that??

Be mindful that this will not happen overnight. It’s the incremental, but impactful actions that will have lasting results. Let’s work together to reduce our collective impact on the environment to combat climate change. Just remember that we need to think about business sustainability because:

  1. Branding and Corporate Social Responsibility

  2. Increasing your Bottom Line

  3. Continue to Inspire and Effect Change


Woman sitting cross legged holding a pen and pointing to the left with pen

Navigating sustainability within your business is a confusing process. I want to help, check out our Eco-Standards Package for more information!

Let’s put the eco back in economics. – David Suzuki

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