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Businesses predominantly that have been vetted by us that we recommend supporting because of their values and actions to reduce their environmental impact

My absolute favourite natural deodorant – made and sold right here in Toronto!

Based out of Winnipeg, they offer eco-friendly paper products ranging from favours, business cards and more!

This pristine farmland is composed of certified organic vegetable fields, greenhouses, chickens and beehives to provide its local residents access to healthy food through their programming and food distribution projects.

The BEST stain remover ever period. Best part is that it’s made of natural ingredients right here in the Greater Toronto Area.

Based in Toronto, Leaf and Bloom sources all her flowers from local farmers during the Ontario growing season (May through October) for weddings and events

This pristine farmland is composed of certified organic vegetable fields, greenhouses, chickens and beehives to provide its local residents access to healthy food through their programming and food distribution projects.

Ruckify is the world’s largest rentals marketplace. Download the app or go to and use the code ECOFRIENDLYEVENTS when signing up to receive $35 ruckbucks to spend on the site. That could get you your first rental for FREE!

Dream Zero is bringing reusable options to both events and consumers. They are helping companies like restaurants and caterers establish their own takeout container programs!

Cait the founder of Gentle Decay – she intervenes the natural process of throwing out dying flowers, by instilling new life into (what would otherwise be) a dead product.

She will preserve past bouquets and turn them into dried bouquets, floral art or even EVERLASTING TERRARIUMS/ORNAMENTS!

Free Geek Toronto is a social enterprise that collects electronic devices, fixes what they can and properly recycles the rest. Once repaired, these items are sold at below market cost to increase digital inclusion in the city.

Krissy Mahendran is a fiber artist and the creator of A Knot Story. Originally from Toronto, but now based in California, she handcrafts beautiful macrame home décor and art pieces. This includes everything from plant hangers and mandalas to coasters and bags!

One of the values behind A Knot Story, is being as eco-friendly as possible. Some sustainable business practices include the use of recycled cotton and the reusing boxes and envelopes for packaging! Every piece that is created, has a purpose and packaged just as intentionally.

Second Harvest is the largest food rescue organization in Canada and global thought leader on food recovery.

If you’re a food business that has any sort of leftovers, sign up for their program so that the food can be donated to an organization and people in need.

As a consumer you can support local restaurants that have already partnered with Second Harvest, check out this map here.

A non-toxic alternative to chemical fertilizers, worm manure is Mother Nature’s best, all-natural healthy way to regenerate ecosystems. Feeding food waste to worms (instead of landfill) builds biologically-active earth that grows nutrient-dense food, and stores carbon in soil to help reverse climate change.

Full of the diverse microbial life that plants need to thrive, Jocelyn’s Soil Booster Worm Manure is safe for both kids and pets. It’s my ABSOLUTE favourite fertilizer for all my indoor plants! 

Based in Toronto, Megan Takeda-Tully and Julianna Greco co-founded Suppli, providing restaurants with affordable, reusable container options.

This month I’ve committed to ordering less takeout and looking forward to reducing my own plastic consumption in future at all the participating restaurants!

Founded by Divyansh, FoodFund delivers food boxes all across the Greater Toronto Area. They source recovered fruit and vegetables from farmers. These fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious, delicious and fresh as all other produce. Their subscription box is affordable, convenient, customizable, and flavourful!

Located on Queen St. E in Toronto, Untitled is an environmentally conscious hair salon in an industry that isn’t so green.

A couple of their staff participated in the Sustainability Mastermind and have since then implemented learnings such as a low dry no dry haircut to reduce their electricity and energy consumption! 

Check out their services and book an appointment if you’re due for one!

Kokom Scrunchies was created by Mya, a talented 10 year old from Kitigan Zibi. She makes sure that all Kokom Scrunchies are handmade with love. What started off as an idea, has taken Mya on a path of bringing Kokom Scrunchies to everyone, young and old. She has even expanded her products to include scarves and ties!

She-Cycle is a non profit organization that collects the materials that can be reused to be redistributed through workshops, special programs, and a Pay What You Can Thrift Store. 

Trisha was inspired by a comment a friend made, explaining the guilt she felt of purchasing a dress to wear for an event, only to return it after one wear. So she founded Your Favourite Dresses so that you can have a new outfit for any special occasion by renting a dress rather than purchasing it to return or to sit in your closet!

With 4 locations across the Greater Toronto Area, Founder Tara Holguin makes bodycare products right in-house. So you know exactly what ingredients are included and what you’ll be putting on your body. In fact, I’ve been using their Mango Body Butter Blend for months and recently added their Jasmine Body Oil into my routine in the winter!

And another thing I love, you can bring your own or their containers back for refill!


Apps that we use regularly to support and upkeep our eco-friendly lifestyle.

My go-to app for verifying which items go into which bin in the City of Toronto.

Outside the app, you can always search the items via there website here.

From scanning a bottle’s barcode to directly searching the directory of products and brands, you can instantly get a better picture of how “eco-friendly” something actually is before purchase. 

While the app is not perfect, it’s a great place to start to swapping to cleaner products

Basically you save money on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before dates and grocery stores and rather than being tossed out, YOU CAN SAVE IT by purchasing it on discount.

Remember you can still eat foods well past their best before dates.

This app, Refill was developed in the U.K. and is growing globally. It enables you to find free water refills in your area (including public water fountains), find places that offer discounts or rewards when yo bring your own up and even find places to take your lunchboxes.

Save money AND food?!


Download this app and you’ll be able to save surplus food from restaurants, cafes and even grocery stores. Instead of throwing it out, you can purchase these items for cheap – from surprise bags to meals, there are so many options!

Much of the time, food is wasted because it isn’t stored properly. But where exactly should you store everything to keep it fresher and for longer?! The fridge? Pantry? Both?

Enter the FoodKeeper App and desktop version which helps you understand food and beverages storage. It will help you maximize the freshness and quality of items. 

It was developed by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, with Cornell University and the Food Marketing Institute.

Recycle Coach supports you in helping you navigate what items are accepted into each bin across multiple cities in North America. Simply search it up and begin to unlearn any poor recycling habits and understand your role in the recycling process.


Insightful podcasts about various sustainability topics

Majorie Alexander (the host) interviews a wide variety of experts on numerous topics that range from ethical fashion to event sustainability, veganism and more!

A podcast episode was released featuring our founder Romina. On this episode, she discusses with Stephanie (the host of the Collective Wealth Podcast), the power we, as consumers hold in how we spend our money. And how we can use our money for GOOD.

Our Founder Romina chatted with Candice from The Sustainable Events Forum on my biggest learning and greatest frustrations working in sustainability and sharing my thoughts on the future of the events industry. 

Green Your Holiday Season with Sustainable and Realistic Tips to Reduce Waste

Listen to this episode of the Cost of Goods Sold Podcast hosted by Jennifer Myers Chua. Together we discuss all the various ways you can reduce the environmental impact from gift giving, decorating and food waste.

Take a listen and let me know which tip(s) you’ll be using this holiday season!


Interesting reads from various sources from news articles to books and magazines

Toronto Life Magazine published a planet friendly guide to Toronto featuring local, eco-friendly businesses. Check out the issue!

David Suzuki breaks down how we must use the past (elder knowledge) in the present in order to preserve the future of our planet. It’s the mindset of looking the biosphere and its relation to the economy.

Scroll to page 14-15 in MPI Toronto the meeting Magazine and check out the article that got published including a few tips on planning an eco-friendly event.


Informational videos to help break down difficult concepts

Netflix Season 1, Episode 4

Learn what actually goes on behind the scenes of where your recycling actually ends up and why it’s not the end-all be-all solution we are lead to believe!

Learn more about what you can do starting today to reduce your energy consumption and ultimately your environmental impact. 


Recipes, DIY projects and other fun tools to use in your sustainability journey

Mosquitoes and insects LOVE me in every single country I’ve ever been to and I’ve travelled through 23 of of them. This DIY recipe works better than any brand out there! And best of all NO DEET or harsh chemicals.

With this cool tool, you can input the number of people for your gathering, the type of eater they are (light to heavy) and even account for the number of leftover meals you’d like at the end.

This tool will then DO THE MATH for you and you can go grocery shopping with the appropriate amounts required for your gathering this holiday season!

You’ve got your beautiful website up and you feel like a “real” business owner now. But how much energy is your website using by just being live? Type in the URL into the website carbon calculator and find out!

You can also read more about switching your website host into a greener one in this blog post.

Ikea just released a free downloadable cookbook to help you reduce food waste at home. They’ve developed some really cool recipes to utilize leftovers and scraps!

Eco-Anxiety is defined as, “a chronic fear of environmental doom” And if you’re anything like me, sometimes it can get overwhelming, seems like you’re never doing enough and that we including the planet is just straight up screwed. BUT I’m here to tell you that you’re NOT ALONE and this 10 Day Eco-Anxiety Challenge on Insight Timer is incredibly helpful. Go ahead, and listen to Day 1 of 10.

t’s trendy, usually costs more at cafes but what the heck is the deal? Well… it  has a significantly less impact on the environment than almost all other milks in regards to emissions, land and water use. 

I also wanted to cut down my consumption and waste so I decided to make my own! Been loving this recipe and use a regular mesh strainer.