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How Individual Actions Can Collectively Make a Difference in Fighting Climate Change

It’s pretty intimidating when trying to do your part fighting climate change but you don’t have to feel helpless. The founder of Eco-Friendly Events Romina Kwong shared how our individual actions can collectively make a difference.

Can our individual actions collectively make a difference when fighting climate change? Romina says yes. On her recent interview with CHCH she shares tips on how we can help with the cause.

Romina advises starting with reduce. Do you truly need it? Is it for convenience or just a passing trend? Consider if you already own something similar. This approach helps you save resources by reducing the transportation needed for the item to reach the shelf and then your home.

She also mentions that whenever we purchase the latest trend, it’s crucial to consider its origin and eventual fate. Aim to maximize its usage to keep it out of landfills, and ensure proper disposal once it’s no longer needed.

Romina is the founder of Eco-Friendly Events, which is an events and consulting agency that supports people by sharing ideas and strategies for hosting more sustainable events.

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