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Quick answers to common questions

Yes, Romina is available for keynote speaking, hosting, and acting as a panelist! Speaking engagements are better for stages at events or for when you want to inspire your team/audience, without getting into the details of your plan. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. 

Yes! If you’ve run your event in the past, we’ll collect the necessary data and identify ways you can lower your footprint going forward. If you haven’t run your event yet, we’ll take a look at your projected impact and find ways we can adjust your plan.

Absolutely! If you’re an event planner (or you’ve hired one), you know your events best. We can act as the environmental expert, providing sustainability guidance collaborating with you in the way that works best for your needs.

Definitely. Whether you’re looking at a past event or one we’ve helped you with, we can provide carbon footprint reports. This helps us identify what we can do to further reduce your environmental impact and/or prove the success of your environmental initiatives. 

Our clients have ranged from grassroots arts organizations and social justice organizations to global product-based companies. The critical thing is we share social values and you want to reduce your environmental impact because it’s the right thing to do—all while producing a fantastic event.

The key factors are your budget and your team’s capacity. Each consulting package is designed to give you actionable ways to limit your environmental impact. If you have a smaller budget and a team that can implement, an Eco Brainstorm Session or Event Sustainability Roadmap may be best. 


If you have more budget and you want someone to take hands-on control, In-House Eco Support is usually the way to go. Book a discovery call and we’ll help you determine which is best for you.